They say…

Go for a walk.

They say.

It is not so bad .

They say.

It is all in your head .

They say.

Aromatherapy helps.

They say.

Eat better.

They say.

You aren’t trying hard enough.

They say.

You are just trying to get attention.

They say.

I know it will help you.

They say.

Though I have no frame of reference.

They say.

I was really sad once.

They say.

So it is kinda the same.

They say.

Just snap out of it.

They say.

Just fake it until you make it.

They say.

You are just making worse than it is.

They say. 

They always have something to say.

They always seem to know better.

And we smile and say “Thank you.”

Because they cared

Or so they say.

2 thoughts on “They say…

    • I don’t think it is intentional. I think it is because the a misinformed or uneducated on the subject. It is frustrating because most times they mean well. It just hard having to explain yourself over and over again.


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