Mom blogs can suck it.

I remember a time when the words would just flow from my fingertips like an everlasting river. Now, they just trickle here and there like a dried up stream. I miss it. I miss it all. I need to remove this beaver dam of a writer’s block. I think the truth is I grew tired of always thinking about how I am sick. Honestly, I was just always too tired. My brain could barely scraped basic thoughts together. Beyond the basics conversation fillers, I was lost. Exhausted. Burnt out.

I grew tired of trying to be accepted. I was tired of being seen as not being quite good enough. The blogger world is rather cutthroat.I grew bored of commenting of other’s blogs that I had no real interest in with hopes that they would return the favor. It is a lot like high school. Unfortunately, I fall into the place of the girl who doesn’t quite fit in. Sure, I am a mom. Yet in the blogging world, that is not enough,  I just wanted the world to see that  I am a mom who isn’t perfect but not broken. Most of all, I was tired of pretending. Because if I am going to be honest, I don’t care about recipes of kids snacks or carefully curated visions of a falsely perfect life.

I believe in being me. As is. I know I may not have to most innovative writing but it is real and raw. I bleed myself on to my keyboard in hope of reaching someone like me. I letting the world’s standards roll of my shoulders as my wings spread. I am letting go of the numbers. How many followers? How many views? Are they reading this? Are they sharing this? I am over it. I am letting all of the anxiety that has held me back go.  Read my work or not. But at this point, mom blogs can suck it.


12 thoughts on “Mom blogs can suck it.

  1. It’s the best way to write. Who wants to hear about about a mom getting the laundry folded, the kitchen cleaned and dinner on the table while it’s still hot. I’m with ya.

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  2. I’m new to blogging but I kinda got tired of this in the real world. It seems like if you live in a small town like I do, you don’t fit into a clinic unless you’re in a workout group or a bunch group. And you don’t get invited to either group unless you’re already fit or rich. So I figured I would try blogging. Sorry you’re feeling down about it. I’m going to read some of your other stuff! And I’m totally with you, I don’t want to read about how to clean or feed my kids healthy snacks. I want to complain about them and have people agree. Lol!

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  3. I am the same way, I blog as an outlet for myself. I don’t really care of anyone reads it. I use it as an open journal for the world to see. If someone reads it fine if not then I still got what wanted to say off my chest.

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  4. Just do the blog for you! That is what I am doing. Nothing wrong with being unique. I’ve also found that hugely popular things aren’t always of great quality. The Kardashians come to mind. Ultimately I think we are happiest when we do what we like for ourselves, not just to please others.


  5. Always stay true to yourself and what makes you happy. I recently started my “public diary” as I call it. I started as an escape from the pressures and norms of life. Now a days way too much importance is placed on popularity, likes, and follows. Ha, kinda funny that this type of pressures exists here too. Too bad, we should be supporting our fellow moms rather then competing. Don’t worry I’d like to think there are true and real mom bloggers out there. Keep up the good work!


  6. Dude I feel you. The amount of women I run into on a daily basis, most of them you see doing food recipes that are great for you’re kids, they’re the type that have that odd Mom cult. You know the ones that go to P.T.O meetings and gossips about moms like us that don’t come off as perfect. Fucking irritates me. Like I have the mouth of a sailor. Can’t help it. It’s just who I am, just because I don’t come off proper and fancy doesn’t mean I’m not a good mom. I wear yoga pants and a band t or geeky t everywhere I go. They look at us like we don’t know how to parent or that our kids are weird. But the parents like us that are open minded and let our kids express themselves freely and teach them how to treat everyone equal, were the real m.v.p.. Keep doing what you love no matter what people think. Fuck them. As DMX says “YOU CAN SUUUUUUCK IT!”.


  7. This honestly motivated me to continue going on the path I am with my writing. No super general focus but to continue putting up content that I am happy with – looking for others to accept it is what I find the most exhausting and I guess in a world of distractions getting others to focus long enough to read your thoughts in their entirety. I appreciate you and your openness. ❤


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