Day 6: From Down Low

This is one of my favorite photos at the moment. That little dandelion seed was placed by the wind of my sweet two-year old's breathe. It was apart of a moment that childhood should be filled with. Light, laughter and love. Running through the grass in bare-feet with the sun shining in your hair. Laughter … Continue reading Day 6: From Down Low

Day 5: 4pm

The boys had an early bath this day because Big D is a dirt magnet. He decided to give himself a dust bath as if he was a chicken. I love that boy but some days he tests me. I guess this is karma for all the messes I made for my mom.

Day 4: Us

First, I kinda of cheated on this one. This picture is from 3 years ago. It was from our honeymoon in Cocoa Beach, FL. It is my favorite picture of the two of us. Also we don't have any pictures of all four of us. I know it is a shame. Usually I am the … Continue reading Day 4: Us