To the mother at Wal*Mart with the screaming child….

Been here before

Been here before

I just wanted to tell you, I have been there. I have been exactly where you were at. I have been standing in line with a tired toddler who has had enough. I have felt the glares from the other customers who have no idea. Or they have forgotten what it is like to have a young child.

The feeling of the heat of utter embarrassment creeping up your face. The feeling of just wanting to bury yourself in some sort of deep dark hole. How nothing that you try to do to soothe your screaming child, it only causes them to scream louder.

Maybe it is close to nap-time but you needed to grab something quick on the way home. Maybe what is in your cart is lunch that is waiting to be purchased. Maybe your child is in that phase where being in public in general is grounds for a full blown tantrum. Maybe your child has special needs and this is a result of sensory overload.

I just wanted to let you know that I understand. I will not judge for it. Honestly I wish I could have helped you through it. So instead I am writing this. Reminding people that when they see a screaming child don’t assume the child is just spoiled. Please don’t assume the child is spoiled or bratty. Don’t judge the parent as being unable to control their child. Instead, understand.


The Liebster Award

It is nice to be noticed

It is nice to be noticed

Yay! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by londryfairy. Thank you londryfairy!!!  Ok so the rules are follows: 

1) I must provide 11 facts about moi

2) answer 11 questions by my nominating party

3) Nominate 11 blogs

4) Provide them with 11 questions to answer

The purpose of this award is to help build the blogging community and help readers discover new blogs.


11 Facts about me:

1) I hate the smell of vanilla

2) I am petrified of heights

3) Being a mom is my favorite job thus far

4) My hair is currently dark brown and purple

5) I love anything with stars and fairies.

6) My favorite color is blue

7) I am originally from NJ but I live in PA

8) I didn’t believe in soul mates until I met my husband.

9) I love cheese and bread.

10) I love to bake but dislike eating sweets.

11) I am the oldest of 8 children. 4 brothers. 1 sister, 1 half- sister and 1 half-brother


Day 7: Taken from above

Pickle is pulling himself up now.

Pickle is pulling himself up now.

Pickle has begun pulling himself up to the standing position. It is a bittersweet transition for me. I am happy that he is making these kind of milestones. Yet it sting a little because he is my last baby. Not that I am ready to be done. Given the opportunity I would have another baby. However it is no longer an option for our family since Kocher went and had the snip. So these small moments are so precious to me because I will never have these again. I know with having Big D that there are so many more milestones ahead of us. It is just a part of my life I am not ready to move on from.