The Scream of Silence

When you are in busy home with two young children, you sometimes yearn for some kind of silence. A break from the cries for attention and what ever is on the Nick Jr. Then I finally get that outside peace. Both kids manage to nap at the same time. I change the channel to something … Continue reading The Scream of Silence


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had been waiting for my laptop to get back. Previously I had been posting from my phone and that was getting tedious. ┬áThen when my laptop came back Easter was upon us. Then Pickle was sick. Well he is still sick but doing much better. Plus I … Continue reading Update

Teething Demons

I am convinced that they exists. They currently have possession of my little Pickle.  He went from a sweet go-with-the-flow baby to a MAJOR fuss-bucket. He would sleep from 7p-4a, eat and sleep until 6:30a-7a. But those sweet days are gone. Now he fights going to sleeps. He usually gives in around 8p but fusses … Continue reading Teething Demons