The Scream of Silence

When you are in busy home with two young children, you sometimes yearn for some kind of silence. A break from the cries for attention and what ever is on the Nick Jr. Then I finally get that outside peace. Both kids manage to nap at the same time. I change the channel to something … Continue reading The Scream of Silence


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had been waiting for my laptop to get back. Previously I had been posting from my phone and that was getting tedious.  Then when my laptop came back Easter was upon us. Then Pickle was sick. Well he is still sick but doing much better. Plus I … Continue reading Update

Teething Demons

I am convinced that they exists. They currently have possession of my little Pickle.  He went from a sweet go-with-the-flow baby to a MAJOR fuss-bucket. He would sleep from 7p-4a, eat and sleep until 6:30a-7a. But those sweet days are gone. Now he fights going to sleeps. He usually gives in around 8p but fusses … Continue reading Teething Demons