This is me

I started blogging when I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom. It started as a way to keep my sanity and has progressed into something more. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 16, I have faced all kinds of stigma in my life. My goal is to one day help bring down that stigma.

5 thoughts on “This is me

  1. Good Evening,
    My name is Heather Foster and I run a website called Mental Parent. I am also a blog contributor with Psych Central with a blog called Mental Momma. Mental Parent is an up and coming website that focuses on mental illness, parenting and lifestyle. I am inviting you to come and check out our website and subscribe if you so choose. We are looking to reach out to more people in the community and I hope you come and see us soon!
    Warm Regards,
    Heather Foster


  2. Great to you smiling 🙂 Too often people with health matters seem to be depressed all the time.. It does no good to be like that… We should all smile more. Keep smiling.. Keep smiling 🙂


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