The Awkward Duckling

This weeks post for Bipolar Parenting Project  I have always been socially awkward. Shy if you prefer a nicer term I guess. I have always been to the point where I become horribly anxious. The idea of socializing with a room full of strangers makes me sweat and nauseous. Ironically, if you put me up … Continue reading The Awkward Duckling

Finding Me (Part 1)

  There has been a lot of comments made in my last post “Feeding the Beast” about how I mentioned I am not medicated. It was long road for me to get where I am at right at this moment. I have been on variety of medications in trying to balance me out. I have … Continue reading Finding Me (Part 1)

Feeding the Beast

This was my submission for Bipolar Parenting Project today.  It is an everyday struggle to not the feed into the beast. What is the beast you ask? It is my bipolar disorder. And if I don’t watch it closely it will swallow me whole and never ever spit me back out. For those of you … Continue reading Feeding the Beast