I would like to note that the following post was inspired by I Swear written by the amazing Walker Karraa, founder of Stigmama.   Fuck Stigma Fuck your glorified concept of normal Fuck your ignorance and pity Fuck the idea it is all in my head Fuck just “getting over it” Fuck Stigma Fuck your … Continue reading #f*ckstigma

I am not a Second-Class Citizen

My name is a Lauren. I am a work-at home mom of two beautiful, happy boys. I have been with my husband for almost 5 years, married to him for 3 of them. I volunteer twice a week to a local café which is run by a nonprofit. I recently joined the local roller derby … Continue reading I am not a Second-Class Citizen

What Can I Say, Hiatus Over!

I have already offered to be the rep for the state of Pennslyvania


I know it was just the other day that I said was throwing in the towel (I’ll chalk it up to a bipolar swing), but between all of the supporting comments and now this:

Over 70,000 people living with a mental illness and people who have been effected by it through a loved one came together and said “Enough is enough!”  I honestly thought what I was saying was falling on deaf ears.  Now the show still has not made any formal apology, but I think the most important thing here is that over 70,000 of us spoke up!  This proves to me that unification of the mental health community is possible!

So here’s my idea.  It may be difficult to for all of us to meet in one state.  My thought is that each state should have a general…

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