Dear Grammar Nazis,

Sometimes the words in my mind go to fast for my hands. Sometimes my brain is in such a dense fog some of my words cannot push through. I often have issues with things I may post not making sense. Words may be missing. Punctuation may have fallen off the earth. It is not that … Continue reading Dear Grammar Nazis,

Braver on Paper

So I am still coming down from the high of being at The MomCon. There really is no true way of explaining the feeling that you get from being in a room full of powerful female bloggers and entrepreneurs whom also happen to be mothers. It is truly inspiring to know that I am not … Continue reading Braver on Paper

Why I became a Stay-at-Home Mom

I ┬árecently finished my two weeks at a job I am rather good at. ┬áIt was not the most exciting position in the world. I was a biller for a long-term care pharmacy. The place where I was employed had its many issues. So in all honesty when it came down to me quitting or … Continue reading Why I became a Stay-at-Home Mom