I am not a Second-Class Citizen

My name is a Lauren. I am a work-at home mom of two beautiful, happy boys. I have been with my husband for almost 5 years, married to him for 3 of them. I volunteer twice a week to a local café which is run by a nonprofit. I recently joined the local roller derby … Continue reading I am not a Second-Class Citizen

Breeding the Stigma

Originally posted on Stigmama as a companion piece to The Silent Fighters.        When I was a kid, my mother was really big about instilling the simple concept that you should treat those how you would want to be treated. This includes those who may not treat you in the nicest way. Honestly … Continue reading Breeding the Stigma

Why I became a Stay-at-Home Mom

I  recently finished my two weeks at a job I am rather good at.  It was not the most exciting position in the world. I was a biller for a long-term care pharmacy. The place where I was employed had its many issues. So in all honesty when it came down to me quitting or … Continue reading Why I became a Stay-at-Home Mom