To All the Crap Moms,

Sometimes I am a “crap” mom. And it is ok. My children have run around outside in our yard naked. They have spent hours watching Netflix because Mommy needed a break. They have had cheese single sandwiches with cheese doodles for lunch.  They have had candy and juice. They have played unsupervised. They are read … Continue reading To All the Crap Moms,


The Lipstick Incident

There he was. Standing in the hallway Pride just lighting up his face. There he was smiling, looking like a grandma with Parkinson’s. Dylan had gotten into my makeup. He decided that today he was going to apply red lipstick like he has watched me do a hundred times. I wasn’t really sure how to … Continue reading The Lipstick Incident

A little bit of sweetness…

Sometimes you just need to take a moment and watch the sweetness in life. Both my children are animal lovers. They both have this natural gentleness towards them. It is nice to sometimes have small reminder that it is the little things in life that matter. Something as small as your 1 yr old loving … Continue reading A little bit of sweetness…