Day 7: Taken from above

Pickle has begun pulling himself up to the standing position. It is a bittersweet transition for me. I am happy that he is making these kind of milestones. Yet it sting a little because he is my last baby. Not that I am ready to be done. Given the opportunity I would have another baby. … Continue reading Day 7: Taken from above

Day 6: From Down Low

This is one of my favorite photos at the moment. That little dandelion seed was placed by the wind of my sweet two-year old's breathe. It was apart of a moment that childhood should be filled with. Light, laughter and love. Running through the grass in bare-feet with the sun shining in your hair. Laughter … Continue reading Day 6: From Down Low

Day 5: 4pm

The boys had an early bath this day because Big D is a dirt magnet. He decided to give himself a dust bath as if he was a chicken. I love that boy but some days he tests me. I guess this is karma for all the messes I made for my mom.