A little bit of sweetness…

Sometimes you just need to take a moment and watch the sweetness in life. Both my children are animal lovers. They both have this natural gentleness towards them. It is nice to sometimes have small reminder that it is the little things in life that matter. Something as small as your 1 yr old loving … Continue reading A little bit of sweetness…


Day 7: Taken from above

Pickle has begun pulling himself up to the standing position. It is a bittersweet transition for me. I am happy that he is making these kind of milestones. Yet it sting a little because he is my last baby. Not that I am ready to be done. Given the opportunity I would have another baby. … Continue reading Day 7: Taken from above

Day 6: From Down Low

This is one of my favorite photos at the moment. That little dandelion seed was placed by the wind of my sweet two-year old's breathe. It was apart of a moment that childhood should be filled with. Light, laughter and love. Running through the grass in bare-feet with the sun shining in your hair. Laughter … Continue reading Day 6: From Down Low