Breeding the Stigma

Originally posted on Stigmama as a companion piece to The Silent Fighters.        When I was a kid, my mother was really big about instilling the simple concept that you should treat those how you would want to be treated. This includes those who may not treat you in the nicest way. Honestly … Continue reading Breeding the Stigma

Under the grip of Anxiety

First, I want to say I have missed terribly blogging. I have missed the entire blogging community. I have missed the interactions and feedback. Most of all, I have missed the love and friendships. This is why I am telling Anxiety to go fuck itself.  Anxiety is what has been holding me back from posting … Continue reading Under the grip of Anxiety

The Scream of Silence

When you are in busy home with two young children, you sometimes yearn for some kind of silence. A break from the cries for attention and what ever is on the Nick Jr. Then I finally get that outside peace. Both kids manage to nap at the same time. I change the channel to something … Continue reading The Scream of Silence