Teething Demons

I am convinced that they exists. They currently have possession of my little Pickle.  He went from a sweet go-with-the-flow baby to a MAJOR fuss-bucket. He would sleep from 7p-4a, eat and sleep until 6:30a-7a. But those sweet days are gone. Now he fights going to sleeps. He usually gives in around 8p but fusses in his sleep. Then he will sleep until midnight. He will eat a couple of ounces and pretty much fuss until 6a. If I lay him be with me, I may get an hour of solid sleep before the fussing begins. Maybe my child is a Magwai and it is because I am feeding him after midnight. Hmmm…


Don't let this smile fool you!

We have tried everything for him. We tried Tylenol, teething tabs, and even rubbing whiskey on his gums. (Gasp!) I had thought about getting an Amber necklace. I have heard a lot of good things about them. However I just have visions of Big D dragging Pickle across the room with it saying, “Come mere Baby”. I mean this is an honest concern. He has already dragged him by his arm.

I know it is just part of being a baby but I miss my sleep.  On the bright side, Pickle is actually doing better than his brother did with it. Big D was possessed by the king of the Teething Demons. He would just scream and scream. So in retrospect, I have it rather easy this time.

Do you have any teething tricks? Or just some teething stories?

3 thoughts on “Teething Demons

  1. I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere – unless you did, but I’m so exhausted tonight! :00
    We actually got good use out of Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets. If you don’t use homeopathic products they will seem a little hippy dippy, and we are all for standard medicine. If you haven’t tried them, a bottle costs under $10 – it is worth a try! Hang in there!


  2. The night is worse for us as well when Bubba is teething. We use Hyland’s teething tablets and have used Camilia as well. He always wears an amber anklet and generally wears his necklace on the other ankle. When he is acting bothered during the day I move it to his neck (closer to the source). That being said they do have break away clasps, so on the occasion that he does pull on them they will come off. It might be worth trying! Hazelwood necklaces also work for some babies. Oh, I almost forgot we also use these oils on him as well. It’s nice to have a drug free option. http://prenatalcoach.com/teething-healing-hollow-review/


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