My collection of fowl

My collection of fowl

I will be honest I am not really much of a collector. I think I just get bored after a while. I have attempted to collect things but it never goes far. Also collecting children is still considered kidnapping so that is out. -_- So my current obsession is chickens. I decided last year that I wanted to raise chickens for eggs. I am rather impulsive and bought the chickens and then did the research. This is how I ended up with 5 roosters and 1 hen the first time. My current chicken collection consists of:
4 Speckled Sussex
6 Sex-Links
1 Black Australop
3 Bantam Cochins
1 Mallard (unfortunately the other one disappeared one day)

And who knows what I will add next……

Day 3: Collection

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Collection

    • We only have 3 now. Honestly not that much. I am not such it is because of the breed. Or we just don’t even notice it anymore because we have grown used to them. They are free range so they wander the property and are not always close to the house.


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