Dear Supporters of Brock Turner and Victim-Blamers,

Dear Supporters of Brock Turner and Victim-Blamers,

Listen, I get your argument. I mean what respectable woman gets drunk and passes out behind a dumpster. I mean she should have been more responsible, right? But let’s be truly honest. Deep down you know that is wrong. You know that what he did is wrong. And if you don’t believe me, I need you to do me a HUGE favor. Ok?

I need to you to find your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, whatever woman has importance in your life. It could be your wife, girlfriend, a cousin, your best female friend. As long as that person has significance in your life and she has a vagina, she will work for this exercise. Now I want you to sit this woman down. Look deep into her eyes. Then I want you to repeat the following:

“If you are ever raped or sexual assaulted, I want you know that I will know it was your fault. It was because of something that you said, something you wore, or because you drank too much. No matter the reason, it happened because of you. You just need to suck it up and not ruin this man’s life. This happened because he is a man and cannot control his impulses. You did something to egg him on.”

If you are unable to tell this to your loved one with a straight face, then deep down you know that rape is NOT the victims fault. Why? Victims of rape are someone’s loved one. She is someone’s daughter, mother, sister, wife. She means something to someone. Every time you see a case like this, I want you to see the victim as that important woman in your life. I want you to see her as a person who deserves justice. She is a person. She is human. She is not just a picture on your screen.  She is a victim of a crime and deserves justice and support. She deserves the same outrage you would give your loved one.

So please stop the cycle and speak up. Be the person you would be for your own. Be the bigger person.



Woman around the World.

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