A moment of silence


Photo Credit: Pixabay- Zerocool

It is 10:49pm. I should be in bed.

Yet, the soft tumble of the dryer mixed with the gentle chip of crickets begs me to enjoy the moment of calm. Chaos is every day life with two small boys.

My day is filled with the sound of sirens alerting the small town in my child’s imagination that help is on the way.

There is the squeal of laughter followed by the clomping of feet as a game of chase with the dog ensues.

Shouting because someone will not share fills my ears at least once, if not twice, an hour.

My brain is overloaded by all the noises of stories both from my children’s mouth and those on the TV screen.

So yes, I should be asleep because I have a bout tomorrow.

I need to rest to be at my best. But I can’t help but savor the sweet moments of silence. I need to give myself some time to unwind from a day of refereeing.

He did this.

He took that.

The dog is doing this.

A string of never-ending need for my undivided attention to be divided between a hundred places.

I need a moment of peace to let the tight coil of my anxiety to slowly unwind. I need to breathe.

I need the silence to remind myself that this is all worth doing. At the end of the day, I need those sweet faces.

However, right now, I need a glass a wine and a hot bath.

I need mom time.


Taking a new step

So I have decided to take a new step in blogging by adding YouTube videos. I wanted to explain to away that I could share y thoughts without having to write them out. Sometimes it is easier for me to physically talk about them then write. So I started a YouTube channel.

I posted my first video. I will be honest I was super nervous about doing thins but I am glad that I did. I ramble for a little bit but that us nerves. The next video should be better.

Here is is:

Leave your thoughts and video suggestion in the comments below. :

Thank you!!


Softly she whispered

“No more”

No more hate

No more tears

No more judgement

Let the world know love

Let it know how to be there for one another

Let it be safe

Safe to be


Love who you want

Believe in who you want

Speak from your heart

Learn from Babes

For they truly know the world