A moment of silence

It is 10:49pm. I should be in bed. Yet, the soft tumble of the dryer mixed with the gentle chip of crickets begs me to enjoy the moment of calm. Chaos is every day life with two small boys. My day is filled with the sound of sirens alerting the small town in my child's … Continue reading A moment of silence

Taking a new step

So I have decided to take a new step in blogging by adding YouTube videos. I wanted to explain to away that I could share y thoughts without having to write them out. Sometimes it is easier for me to physically talk about them then write. So I started a YouTube channel. I posted my … Continue reading Taking a new step


Softly she whispered “No more” No more hate No more tears No more judgement Let the world know love Let it know how to be there for one another Let it be safe Safe to be Yourself Love who you want Believe in who you want Speak from your heart Learn from Babes For they … Continue reading Untitled