Small Joys

I want my sons to know the feeling The feeling of cool green grass between their toes The sweet breeze dancing through the trees Across their smiling faces I want to my house to be full of laughter echoing through the halls Hugs and kisses Imagination running wild I want the small joys that life … Continue reading Small Joys

To the mother at Wal*Mart with the screaming child….

I just wanted to tell you, I have been there. I have been exactly where you were at. I have been standing in line with a tired toddler who has had enough. I have felt the glares from the other customers who have no idea. Or they have forgotten what it is like to have … Continue reading To the mother at Wal*Mart with the screaming child….

Teething Demons

I am convinced that they exists. They currently have possession of my little Pickle.  He went from a sweet go-with-the-flow baby to a MAJOR fuss-bucket. He would sleep from 7p-4a, eat and sleep until 6:30a-7a. But those sweet days are gone. Now he fights going to sleeps. He usually gives in around 8p but fusses … Continue reading Teething Demons