6 Things I learned being in a Psych Center

When you attempt to play chess with your own brain, you will without a doubt lose. I have been battling with mental illness most of my life. It is a tiring and arduous task. A task, up until this past year, I had managed to some degree. However, I made the mistake of getting cocky. … Continue reading 6 Things I learned being in a Psych Center


Before the sky falls…

The worst feeling in the world is watching the stars fall from the sky around you when no one else can. No matter how hard you think you are shouting for them to see it. The words seem unable to escape your mouth. Your voice seems to have disappeared into the night. And despite all … Continue reading Before the sky falls…

Finding Me (Part 1)

  There has been a lot of comments made in my last post “Feeding the Beast” about how I mentioned I am not medicated. It was long road for me to get where I am at right at this moment. I have been on variety of medications in trying to balance me out. I have … Continue reading Finding Me (Part 1)