Before the sky falls…

The worst feeling in the world is watching the stars fall from the sky around you when no one else can. No matter how hard you think you are shouting for them to see it. The words seem unable to escape your mouth. Your voice seems to have disappeared into the night. And despite all your efforts, you have no choice to watch the world crumble around you. The bubble locking you in. Tears stream down your face from the pain you can no longer hold. The dam bursting with emotions you had held in for so long. Your body crumpling to the ground from sheer exhaustion. Unable to hold the weight of the world upon its shoulders while standing tall. As the stars fall from the sky, the world slowly becomes a black void. A void threatening to swallow you whole.  Despite your efforts, you cannot make it stop. Things have already been set in motion. The end. The end you have dreaded for so long. The end that you have done everything in your power to avoid. You wish you could keep fighting. Fighting to prevent it. You have battled alone for so long. Alone because you wanted to spare others from the pain and anguish of holding the world up. Believing you were the hero by pushing them out-of-the-way. Now you can only sit in your bubble and watch the world collapse upon them. All you can do is sit in tears and horror as they fall away. Realizing, too late, that they could have helped save it all.

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