Dear Grammar Nazis,

Sometimes the words in my mind go to fast for my hands. Sometimes my brain is in such a dense fog some of my words cannot push through. I often have issues with things I may post not making sense. Words may be missing. Punctuation may have fallen off the earth. It is not that … Continue reading Dear Grammar Nazis,


Ten Things of Thankful #1

So I will admit I have watched this particular linkup for a while. I am not sure why I have yet to participate in it aside from my general shyness of joining already established groups. However, I find this to be inspiring, so I am willing to give this a go. I am incredibly thankful … Continue reading Ten Things of Thankful #1

HealthiNation: True Champions of Bipolar Disorder

Back in January of this year I was approach to be apart "True Champions" series. They chose me to be a representative of Bipolar Disorder. They followed me on my blog and Facebook page which help them decide on filming me. They were impressed of how active of a life I have despite having … Continue reading HealthiNation: True Champions of Bipolar Disorder