My Happy Sad Mummy: Why I’ll be reading this to my kids

I saw this post on Twitter and had to share. I struggled with how to one day explain what it the matter with mommy to my boys. Right now Pickle is 1 and Big D will be 3 next month. So I have manged to skate by. However my ever observant Big D, it starting to notice things are sometimes off. He now asks ‘What is wrong, Mama?” I think this book would be a great way of explaining things on his level.


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My Happy Sad Mummy

Earlier this week I noticed a strange thing in my letterbox.  An actual handwritten letter – from an unfamiliar address.

Expecting a Christmas card from one of the few friends who haven’t discarded this charming tradition for a digital greeting, I ripped open the envelope.

Inside was a short note and a newspaper clipping – from the step-mum of a girl I went to high school with 18 years ago.  Strange huh?

But moments later tears pricked my eyes as I read her beautiful words – encouraging me to keep speaking up about mental illness. She also mentioned that  I might be interested in a new children’s picture book she’d read about in the local paper: My Happy Sad Mummy.

I quickly read the book review and then jumped online to order our family a copy.  For so long I’ve been searching for ways to explain my Bipolar Disorder to my young children in a way that’s easy for…

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The Scream of Silence

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