The White Flag

It is official.  I am going back to therapy. I will be honest. It has been a long time coming. I have been putting it off for much too long. I let myself fall too far down the rabbit hole. I faked it my best until I couldn’t make it anymore. However, I missed myself. … Continue reading The White Flag

If only…You Understood

If only you understood, That I am not broken. If only you understood, I am not making this up. If only understood, These tears are real. If you only understood, How I really wanted to be If you only understood, No one wants this pain. If you only understood, Why I lie awake at night … Continue reading If only…You Understood

Shameless Begging

I am shamelessly asking for more endorsements. I was nominated from "Rookie of the Year" award through the WEGO Health Activist  Awards. I am only at 28 endorsements. It takes just two seconds. Step 1: Click on the link. Step 2: Click on the purple box labeled " Endorse me." under my photo. Step 3: … Continue reading Shameless Begging