Bipolar Disorder Makes Me Stronger For My Boys

I have done some research about my illness. I learned that 1 in 5 people diagnosed die from it. Those are scary statistics when you think about it. It means I have a pretty good chance of not watching my children grow up. I could miss out on the first day of school, proms, graduation, … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder Makes Me Stronger For My Boys

Madness is…I knew better

****Warning this post is possible trigger for those who have been in a abusive relationship**** I will say this now, these words were not easy to share. While I have moved on to a much happier life, it is still something that affects me to this day. Please if you know who he is please … Continue reading Madness is…I knew better

The Choice of Suicide

I had a completely different post planned out in light of the recent events. However it was coming out more like a PSA. As I have been reading through the comments on various social media feeds, I keep seeing people say suicide is not a choice. Suicide is a conscious choice, a clouded one, but … Continue reading The Choice of Suicide