Fuck Insomnia

You want to know what insomnia looks like. It is being up at 2:30am when you have to get your kid school at 9am. It is your brain screams in circles while your body begs it to stop. It is knowing that you accomplish nothing tomorrow. You will finally crash but your life will go … Continue reading Fuck Insomnia

Sleeps soft whisper

I hear Sleep whisper softly, "Come to me Come and play Come dance in the river of Dreams." "O, Sleep what I would give to dance all night in the River of Dreams with you", I cry "Just to enjoy your warm brace for just one night. But, alas, I must keep running.  Running and … Continue reading Sleeps soft whisper

Feeding the Beast

This was my submission for Bipolar Parenting Project today.  It is an everyday struggle to not the feed into the beast. What is the beast you ask? It is my bipolar disorder. And if I don’t watch it closely it will swallow me whole and never ever spit me back out. For those of you … Continue reading Feeding the Beast