Fuck Insomnia

You want to know what insomnia looks like. It is being up at 2:30am when you have to get your kid school at 9am. It is your brain screams in circles while your body begs it to stop. It is knowing that you accomplish nothing tomorrow. You will finally crash but your life will go on without you. The things you need to do will lie there waiting for you to have enough energy to do it. It issnapping at your husband, your kids, and anyone in the way because you are utterly exhausted. It is the tears streaming down your face because you would give your soul for some sleep. When you have tries every Damn trick in the book while sleep laughs in your face. Just an endless cycle of zombie by day, maniac by night. The bedtime version of Jekyl and Hyde. Insomnia is a unforgiving bitch. She will take this whole ship down with her.

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