Things I have said Today

I have decided to switch some thing ups a little. Thursday will now be: "Things I have said" Thursday. I was thinking about all the things I say repeatedly in a day to my two boys. Honestly some of these I really couldn't make up. This is also why my husband and I make wine. … Continue reading Things I have said Today

Day 6: From Down Low

This is one of my favorite photos at the moment. That little dandelion seed was placed by the wind of my sweet two-year old's breathe. It was apart of a moment that childhood should be filled with. Light, laughter and love. Running through the grass in bare-feet with the sun shining in your hair. Laughter … Continue reading Day 6: From Down Low

Why I live

There is a reason why I am still here.  I want to say it is because of my own personal need to live. However most days it is not. I have to say I do have more good days then bad these days. I haven't been completely depressed in awhile. Actually since I quite my … Continue reading Why I live