Things I have said Today

silence is goldenI have decided to switch some thing ups a little. Thursday will now be: “Things I have said” Thursday.

I was thinking about all the things I say repeatedly in a day to my two boys. Honestly some of these I really couldn’t make up. This is also why my husband and I make wine.

Things I have said Today to my children

( These are in no particular order)

No, You may not bring the rabbit into to the tub with you.

Please do not throw laundry into the tub.

Get off of your brother.

Please don’t jump off the coffee table onto the couch

The dog is not a horse.

Please don’t hit your brother with DVD cases.

Get out of the cupboards.

My cookie sheet is not a toy

A) Stop trying to put the lid on that pot and B) Get your brother out of that pot

Where did you get that?

How did you get that?

The whole roll of toilet paper does no need to go into the toilet.

Stop trying to put the leash on your brother.

Get out of the (insert room here)

No you may not have chocolate chips for breakfast.

Put the chair back. I said you couldn’t have chocolate chips.

No Mommy doesn’t need toys in the shower.

I guess Mommy needs a dump truck in the shower.

Yes you can give me a kiss

I would love a hug,

No I don’t want your half-eaten banana.

Ugh… Yes.. Please spit your half- eaten banana in my hand.

Yes Mommy loves you too.

Have some crazy things you have said as a Mom? Post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #thingsihavesaidtoday  Or email me at and I will share them on upcoming Thursday post. 

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