Softly she whispered “No more” No more hate No more tears No more judgement Let the world know love Let it know how to be there for one another Let it be safe Safe to be Yourself Love who you want Believe in who you want Speak from your heart Learn from Babes For they … Continue reading Untitled

If only…You Understood

If only you understood, That I am not broken. If only you understood, I am not making this up. If only understood, These tears are real. If you only understood, How I really wanted to be If you only understood, No one wants this pain. If you only understood, Why I lie awake at night … Continue reading If only…You Understood

Sleeps soft whisper

I hear Sleep whisper softly, "Come to me Come and play Come dance in the river of Dreams." "O, Sleep what I would give to dance all night in the River of Dreams with you", I cry "Just to enjoy your warm brace for just one night. But, alas, I must keep running.  Running and … Continue reading Sleeps soft whisper