If only…You Understood

If only you understood,white dress broken

That I am not broken.

If only you understood,

I am not making this up.

If only understood,

These tears are real.

If you only understood,

How I really wanted to be

If you only understood,

No one wants this pain.

If you only understood,

Why I lie awake at night

If you understood,

Some days I can’t breathe.

If you only understood,

To have your feelings dismissed.

If you inly understood,

The stigma I feel.

Then and only then,

Will you understand me.

Lauren Kocher


3 thoughts on “If only…You Understood

  1. I was so meant to find this blog. I was over at TToT and I saw that she wanted us to go and vote for a blog banner, and off I went, and clicked on yours, and it brought me to this blog, and I was all, “She’s bipolar too?” And well, birds of a feather and all that…I will always relate to every word you write. You have a new friend.

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