Don’t deny who I am

  I have never been ashamed of my disorder. Shame was never the reason for me to bury my pain deep within my soul. Shame is not why I swallowed my tears and put on a brave face. Shame is not why I smile despite my brain was screaming. I was afraid people would see … Continue reading Don’t deny who I am

The piece that didn’t make it

So last month, I auditioned for a spot in the "Listen To Your Mother" production. It is a wonderful production of women sharing stories about motherhood.While watching past years shows on their YouTube channel, I knew that my piece was a long shot. However, when I think of motherhood, my children having to deal with my … Continue reading The piece that didn’t make it

Fuck Insomnia

You want to know what insomnia looks like. It is being up at 2:30am when you have to get your kid school at 9am. It is your brain screams in circles while your body begs it to stop. It is knowing that you accomplish nothing tomorrow. You will finally crash but your life will go … Continue reading Fuck Insomnia