Selfie On, Mama! Selfie On!

It is pretty common for Mom to always be behind the camera. Taking precious snapshots of all of your baby’s firsts. Group photos of all the grandparents and cousins, I mean someone has to hold the camera. Even in the age of the selfie, Mom seems to still disappear in the darkness. Let’s be honest, … Continue reading Selfie On, Mama! Selfie On!

A mother is not made of Steel

Raising a child is the single most frustrating, rewarding process that anyone will ever go through.- Lauren Kocher I am a mother. I am not made of steel. No, I am made of a much softer metal than that. One that has a breaking point. One that my children sometimes push me to. It is … Continue reading A mother is not made of Steel

Why I became a Stay-at-Home Mom

I  recently finished my two weeks at a job I am rather good at.  It was not the most exciting position in the world. I was a biller for a long-term care pharmacy. The place where I was employed had its many issues. So in all honesty when it came down to me quitting or … Continue reading Why I became a Stay-at-Home Mom