Day 1: My brain still thinks I have a job….

My brain still hasn’t adjusted to the fact that I am without a paying job now.  As far as it was concerned, I had a day off yesterday. It started as everyday day off begins at 6:30a. Why? Because the Pickle can’t tell time. Nor does he know days of the week. (Big D doesn’t know how either but he has been into sleeping in lately. )
So we started the day with trying to catch up on my shows. Usually by the time I get through most of my favs, Big D has graced us with his presence “asking” to watch one of his shows. ( Asking consists of him just repeating names of his favorite shows over and over again until I put one on.) So on goes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because that is what is one. Also so starts the clock watching.
It was suppose to be warm out so I wanted to make sure we got some outside time. I also was mentally listing all the things I needed to get done. Because in my brain, I had work tomorrow so I needed to catch things up. By things I mean all the chores that fall behind during the work week.  A typical work day for me look like this:
5:15am- Drag my tired ass out of bed quietly and get myself ready. And tried to stay out of the bear’s way as he gets ready for work. (Hubby is NOT a morning person until he has had at least two cups of coffee. However,)
5:45am- Dress and feed the Pickle. He is easiest to get ready.
5:55am- Wake the Beast aka Big D. This child is not a morning person unless he has gotten himself up.
6:10am- Put the dogs in the basement (Disclaimer: We have a full walk-in basement.) Herd Big D out to the car while lugging Pickle in his carseat.
6:20am-  Herd Big D while lugging Pickle and two diaper bags into daycare
6:30am- Get onto I-80
7am-3:30p- Work and Slave. Work and Slave
4:00p- Pick the boys up from daycare
4:15p- Arrive home. Let the dogs out. Drag the kids in. Put something on for Big D to watch while Pickle naps in his carseat.
4:45p -Hubby arrives home. (His sometimes has to travel for work. Sometimes it is over night. Sometimes it is leave Monday, come home Friday)
5:00p- Start dinner.
6:00p- Sit and veg/ Play with the kiddos.
7:15p- Pickle is ready for bed.
7:30p- Snuggle time with Big D
8:00p- Bedtime for Big D
8:20-9:30p- Mommy/Daddy time
9:30p- To bed so we can do it all again

Honestly I feel exhausted just thinking about it. It is even worse when Hubby wasn’t home because he helps out so much.  Days off were a balance of family time, catching up on chores, and trying to unwind.

So I wanted to make sure yesterday wasn’t spent in front of the boob tube. At 10a, we turned the television off.  I absolutely adore babywearing. I don’t get to do it a whole lot. So up Pickle went in my first attempt at a Double Hammock back carry in my Storch Leo.


Pickle in the DH

Big D helped me unload the dishwasher. We even has a little dance party in between. However we did not load the dishwasher. Big D is NOT helpful when it comes to loading it. He will take what I put in it and put it away. So I wind up rewashing all my silverware. Loading the dishwasher is reserved for when he is A) distracted or B) sleeping.  Speaking of sleeping, my favorite part of babywearing: sleepy dust!!


Sleepy Dust!!!

Pickle wasn’t in the wrap for 20minutes before he passed out. So we laid Pickle down in his bassinet and Big D went out for some fresh air. (Big D’s sandbox is below my bedroom window. This way I can listen for Pickle).
Big D and I checked on the fire for our wood furnace.  Then he chased the chickens around.


Do you like my Cock?

Then he even enjoyed some sandbox time. Well for about a minute. The sand is still wet and he didn’t care for the texture.


Big D and his sandbox

We even got Pickle out for some sun once he was up from his nap.


Getting some sun!!

It was all in all a nice day. All day I was trying to get every moment out of the day because I kept thinking I had to get back to work tomorrow. Even to having a picnic since Hubby wasn’t going to be home last night. It wasn’t anything special. Honestly, I cheated. I bought a $10 pizza box from Pizza Hut on out journey home from the store. However, my 2yr-old loved it! He loved getting his own slice of pizza out of the box.


All in all, it was a good first day. I was even a rebel and stayed up until 10p. Pickle was up at 6am this morning but it was worth it.

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