Battle of the Wills

We are in the current process of trying to potty train Big D. Our goal is to have him completely potty trained by the end of summer. Most would think this is a ton of time to complete this task. Unfortunately, my child is a stubborn mule strong willed. Potty training has been an uphill battle.

We tried the 3 day method. Bust. We tried treats. Bust again. He would just sit down in the potty long enough to get a treat and then run off. We tried taking him to the potty every 15minutes. Which basically consisted him sitting on his potty for 2 seconds and chasing him for 15minutes. It was just leading to a lot of frustration and anxiety. It also didn’t help that throughout the week, the effort was lacking from Hubby and I. By the time we would get home from work and try to get everything done, it was bedtime.

We were honestly feeling hopeless on the subject.  Big D has always been a child that had to figure things out on his own. Potty training had to be one of those things that he one day decided he wanted to do.  So I decided to quit working that was going to be one of my goals.

Yesterday was Day 1 of our little project. I started by bringing his little potty into our living room next to Hubby’s recliner. I also instated a ” No Diaper” rule.  I filled his cuppy with juice, closed all the doors and let the battle begin.   It was a little bit of struggle at first. He kept asking for his diaper. He even tried to put one on himself.

Then out of nowhere, I heard “Good job, D”. There he was sitting on the potty congratulating himself. He had taken himself over to the potty and peed in it. Now we are far from potty trained. However yesterday he peed 85% of the time in the potty. He had a few accidents because he didn’t want to stop what he was doing. So every 20minutes or so, I will remind him to go to the potty. If he refuses, I will sit him down on it.  I mean we have pretty much camped out in the living room all day. 

The plan is to get him to the point where he will pee with out coaching. Then start him with wearing underwear.  Then add in diaperless naptime and bedtime. We will see how this goes.

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Wills

    • Thank you so much Sasha! I really hope this works. We have been playing it by ear looking for signs of readiness. If he hadn’t attempted to use the potty at all yesterday, I was going to put him back in a diaper and try it again in a week. He honestly surprised me.


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