Dear Ms Barwick, Your Father Issues are showing

Ok I don’t usually post about things I read but something about a post I read really struck a nerve with me. While scrolling through my new feed on Facebook, I came across an article titled, “Dear Gay Community: Your Kids are Hurting” It peaked my interest so I decided to read it, Now I am a supporter of gay right and marriage but I am willing to listen both sides of the story. The jist of the article is about how the author feels jaded to not having a father figure in her life. This is all largely to blame that her mother was a lesbian. When her mother came out, the father willing checked out of the picture. I can understand her yearning for a father figure as I have past father issues. However,I don’t see how this has anything to do with gay marriage. He father was a crap father period. It has nothing to do with her mother’s sexual orientation. And while she makes the point that a child needs a father figure in their life psychological, it is a very weak argument against gay marriage. If you disagree, just as all the heterosexual women raising their children on their own. The women who are raising the children of a man who couldn’t own up to his responsibilities. So what about the single mother who raise their children without a father figure? Are they also responsible for their children’s suffering? I ask you Heather Barwick, to refocus your mission on to something that makes sense. You are so worried about the suffering of children, how about turning your attention towards deadbeat parents.Yes deadbeat parents because there are single fathers raising children whose mother’s just walked away. Try focusing on educating on the responsibility of parenting. The importance of safe sex. For what is sounds like is that you grew up in a happy, loving home. So you didn’t have a father figure, so what? I am sure there are plenty of abusive households staying together because that is what is supposed to be done. So what if Daddy loses his temper on little Susie? At least she has a father in her life, right? Now I am not trying to downplay your pain. I understand what is it like to want that picture perfect white picket fence kind of like. I grew up in a tumultuous household. I would have loved to have the perfect TV show dad but I didn’t. However I am not going to use it as an agenda to negatively affect other people’s lives. I would like to think that what you are doing is in the best interest of children but it is obvious this is a personal agenda. I am sorry that you had a deadbeat dad. But use that to help kids whose parent’s own thousands of dollars in child support. Help out the kid whose parent is working three jobs just to make ends met. This is how to can help those kids who are truly suffering. Not the kids are in a happy well-adjusted home being raised by people who love and cherish them. Listen you didn’t get to do the father-daughter dance but you need to let it go. Seek some kind of therapy but don’t be selfish by destroying other people’s happiness.

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