I need you to care

No one cares about mental health. *sigh* Ok, Let me re-phrase that. If they do, it often doesn’t last for long. To be honest, I don’t blame them. It is very tiring. Hell, it was tiring for me. Always explaining, reasoning, and justifying to yourself and various people. As if fighting with depression, anxiety, and … Continue reading I need you to care

5 Ways Roller Derby can help those with Mental Illness

Roller Derby is a mixed bag community. Players come from all walks of life. It is a veritable melting pot of backgrounds. You have people who are married, divorced, pansexual, bi-sexual, homosexual, professionals, stay-at-home parents, the former cheerleaders, the former misfits, every nationality under the sun, etc.  I think it is why it's so easy … Continue reading 5 Ways Roller Derby can help those with Mental Illness

If only…You Understood

If only you understood, That I am not broken. If only you understood, I am not making this up. If only understood, These tears are real. If you only understood, How I really wanted to be If you only understood, No one wants this pain. If you only understood, Why I lie awake at night … Continue reading If only…You Understood