Just out of Reach: The Cost of Help

There seems to be this ongoing idea that mental health services are readily available to all those who need it. This idea is sadly untrue. It shouldn’t be but it is the reality. The damaging effect of this concept is the portrayal of those with mental illness as not really wanting the help. If I … Continue reading Just out of Reach: The Cost of Help

The White Flag

It is official.  I am going back to therapy. I will be honest. It has been a long time coming. I have been putting it off for much too long. I let myself fall too far down the rabbit hole. I faked it my best until I couldn’t make it anymore. However, I missed myself. … Continue reading The White Flag

If only…You Understood

If only you understood, That I am not broken. If only you understood, I am not making this up. If only understood, These tears are real. If you only understood, How I really wanted to be If you only understood, No one wants this pain. If you only understood, Why I lie awake at night … Continue reading If only…You Understood